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GameKnight Games and Cool Stuff

GameKnight Games and Cool Stuff is Winnipeg’s Premier game store, having the best selection in Winnipeg of board games, card games, and role playing games! We moved the business into 519 Osborne Street in spring of 2018, decorating the building with murals both outside and inside. The new facility is bright with natural light, has wide aisles and a high ceiling, and half of the floor is dedicated to play space. Care was given to make the store handicapped accessible and display merchandise in a clearly labeled easy to find manner. Often described as part retail store and part club house, our large open gaming area has various sizes of tables suitable for playing Trading Card Games, playing out miniatures battles, or hosting a plethora of role playing games. Many tables have oversized play-mats to protect cards, or vinyl dry erase mats for drawing out dungeons on. We are open late almost every night until 10 and have multiple weekly games going on. You can play in an RPG, draft Magic, or play a variety of miniatures games using our complementary terrain pieces. Our demo games are always free to use during the day when space is available. Rental Games can be taken home for even more family enjoyment.
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