Working in South Osborne

Working in South Osborne is a rewarding and excited experience. The business area is booming and new shops and restaurants are opening up all the time! It is an exciting time to be in the area.

The main shops are located on Osborne Street, but more and more shops are opening up on the side streets, promoting a larger area for business. The community is full of all ages and therefore supports a wide array of shops, restaurants, and offices.

Being only a 5 minute drive to downtown, or a 10 minute bike ride, you are close enough to the hub, but far enough away to have a relaxed feel. Parking and traffic is normally calmer, and you are located in a spot that is easily accessible to the whole city.

If you are interested in working in South Osborne and have some questions, do not hesitate to Contact Us and let us know any questions you may have!