What We Do

The goals and objectives of Business Improvement Zones (BIZs) are to market, promote, and physically enhance the BIZ areas.


Executive Board:

The Executive Board oversees the initiatives of both the Street Enhancement and Marketing Committees. The Executive Board approves the annual budget and presents it for review at the Annual General Meeting, held in November.

Street Enhancement Committee:

As beautiful as South Osborne is it’s important to look to the future and imagine how we want things to be.  Our role as the Street Enhancement Committee is to beautify Osborne Street between Mulvey and Jubilee.  Recent initiatives have included flower pots during the summer and lighted fir trees during the winter.  Keep an eye to the street as we are now putting together something big in the area.

Marketing Committee: 

The South Osborne Business Improvement Zone Marketing Committee is made up of board members and interested South Osborne business owners.  The focus of this committee is to promote the businesses and brand of South Osborne district and encourage growth and increased revenue for our members.  The committee advertises in the local Lord Roberts newsletter, the Riverview Reflector, and annual mailers.  The largest project the marketing committee handles throughout the year is the planning and execution of the annual sidewalk festival.  The marketing committee is also responsible for maintaining social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, as well as the web page.