Message from the Chair

Please look forward to a message from our NEW chair Erick Casselman

WELCOME to the renewed web site for South Osborne BIZ. 

As current Chair of the South Osborne BIZ Executive I’m pleased to introduce our new web site. We’ve most recently changed our name from Osborne South to South Osborne, it may seem like a small change but it took time and careful consideration to basically “re-brand” our business community. Along with the name change came our new logo which we’re all very proud of. We are also in the infant stages of developing a new streetscape plan, a project I’m very excited to be part of.

As a South Osborne business owner for the past 10 years and active participant of the BIZ for equally as long, I’m definitely impressed with the growth of this community. The new business that has been attracted to the area adds vibrance and a continued sense that our area is one to be considered when looking for a unique place to dine, be entertained, shop and access needed services.

Please consider a trip to the South end of Osborne Street. We will be happy to greet you.

Jane Wilson
pingk hair care etc.